Building and Programming

Use the link to find ideas for building robots and creating programs

All About Gears

Gear Fundamentals - Blakbird's Technicopedia

LEGO Gears and Motors -

How Differential Gears Work - Tutorial

Gearing - Team Hassenplug

Builderdude35 FLL EV3 Robot and Programming

How to Build and FLL Robot

Mistakes to Avoid

Accurately Steer Robot

EV3 Programming Tutorials

EV3 Instructions from Carnegie Mellon Robotics

EV3 Instructions from W.A.F.F.L.E.S Community Robotics

EV3 Programming Lessons -

Following Lines

Following Lines Tutorial and Challenge

Calibrate Sensor - EV3

Calibrate Sensor - NXT FLLCasts

Motor Cargo Arm

NXT Programming

NXT Brick Menu - how to run programs, view sensors, delete files, etc.

Video tutorials on Programming and Sensors

NXT building projects and robots Instructions

Projects for NXT - all types of robots and other designs to build and program

Projects for NXT from

NXT Robot Bases from Carnegie Mellon Robotics Academy

NXT MultiBot Robot

NXT Color Sequencer from Damien Kee

Classroom Robot from Damien Kee

Building A Competitive Robot - Mastering Lego Robots

Building an NXT Competition Robot - FLLCasts

Fast NXT Spinner Robot -

Caster Wheels - FLLCasts

Multibot projects and programs

EV3 building projects and robots Instructions

Classroom Robot from Damien Kee

DroidBot 2.0 -

Even More Robot Build Instructions

Basic Robots, Complex Robots, Sumo and more

Bot Builds - Robotics SD#71 Canada

Sample Robot Videos

Fast NXT Robot